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We are very good at what we do.

Majority of our clientele are spread across various sectors and providing IT solutions through a range of services such as development and manpower to suit the needs Hospitality, Tourism, Fashion, Healthcare and Fitness industries is what we ace at.
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Ubitech makes it a smooth process to work with the integration of our IT Sales services.

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We integrate Information Technology that can help grow your restaurant business multifold.

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To make touring a memorable experience, both virtually and personally, we provide IT solutions that make you a viable brand.

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In the transformational phase of people becoming fitter and more and more fitness centers coming up, we provide the right kind of manpower to handle this craze for your customers.

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The Healthcare industry is evolving and our customized solutions for your IT products are available with Ubitech.

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Technology has a major say in Fashion today and we at Ubitech are your solution providers.

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Interior Designs

Making your living space self-operative with our all-automated technological solutions.

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It's time to Revolutionize labour effort into automated work, and do it effortlessly with Ubitech Solutions. We provide the best manpower and IT products at competitive prices to make the process easier for you.

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Amusement Parks

Ubitech provides seamless & integrated system capable of operating an entire amusement park starting from your website & mobile application to handle POS, Ticket management system and Infrastructure management. It enables hassle free operations giving measurable results by handling costs and increasing customer satisfaction. It further provides valuable operational and business analytics.

Website & Mobile App Development

Make the customer experience a great one from the very start, with a creative and attractive web and mobile app design including easy-to-use booking experience.

Infrastructure Management

Creating a park ecosystem by integrating various modules like Ride and Ticket management system with Marketing and Admin modules.

Customised Ticketing

Our solution enables to load money into the wristband/card. Built in NFC or RFID technology enables to redeem the loaded amount at Rides, Games and Food stalls.

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Banking & Finance

Digital transformation nowadays is a priority for Banking and Finance sector by leveraging new technologies. Our offerings range from strategic consulting services to application development.

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Stocks & Trading

The revolution in the technology has simplified the life of Stock Market by pioneering the online trading systems. Ubitech provides complete and efficient stock Market analysis software and application development service because we know the most important factor apart from Strategy is Trading software that you use.